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Home Gun Safety; 10 Rules of Firearms Safety; Range Safety; Company. The best .357 magnum ammo is the ammunition that fits the specific need for you in the most efficient manner. I hope that we will continue to see both types built. Click Here To Enter. This side seems to have the most acceptance, and I don’t mean to suggest that this bit of conventional wisdom didn’t come from somewhere. NEW THIS WEEK! Because the Magnum cartridge was extended to approximately 3.2mm more than the .38, it made it a lot safer to fire in the new magnum revolvers and other revolvers that manufactured for this round there onwards. It also comes with an easy to grasp to wooden grip, a chrome flashed teardrop hammer, and a chrome trigger stop and trigger. This rail fits fine on both revolvers. ~ .357 Mag. December 16, 2019 Ian McCollum Revolver, Sniper Rifles, Video 29. Courtesy of the French Ministry of the Interior, we have a chance to take a look at an authentic GIGN sniper model MR73 revolver today. Plus, it has adjustable sights to really get yourself on target. Conclusion. All Rights Reserved. News; History; Partners & Sponsors; Events; Contact Us; STORE. Other models feature a hammerless double-action-only or a single-action system with an exposed hammer. Two high capacity revolvers stood out the most for us, though. We like the rear adjustable sight on this and think it would be a sturdy and reliable choice for hunting, self-defense, or if you’re just heading down the range. Finally, the adjustable rear sight, in combination with the front fiber optic sight, allows you to target extremely accurately. Be the first to know about sales, surplus items, and new products. All models have a five-shot capacity – arguably just enough to get the job done in a crisis situation. For example, they have used a cold hammer-forged barrel, and the frame is polished stainless steel. Covering the frame is a blue metallic finish that looks crisp and protects it from the elements. Plus, it has a comfortable molded rubber grip and a long six-inch barrel, which also aids in its accuracy. Also of interest, may be our in-depth article on the 7mm Remington Magnum. The gun has a 6 inch barrel and I was able to install a Freedom Arms red fiber optic front sight and along with an excellent trigger job by the Pistol Parlor it was almost easy to use the iron sights and make the shot. Yet, one did stand out worthy as being possibly the best conceal and carry revolver that we could find…. Additionally, the round became very favorable with target shooters alike. That is why I carry a .44 Magnum in the woods. Free Shipping Offer only applies to specially marked items. Smith & Wesson ~ Performance Center 586-7 L-Comp. Therefore, this is a good choice for anyone wanting a conceal and carry revolver. Can’t believe that S & W didn’t make the list ! No one mentioned the Taurus reputation for Customer Service-I will leave that up to you to determine-but mine which was 6 months old and had less than 150 rounds on it-has been in “factory repair” since October-its now Feb-and they wont give me a date when they will have it fixed-But you decide what you want to buy-too bad reviewers so often skip that part of the ownership experience-IT MATTERS. As well, the double-action trigger is very crisp and has a very predictable let off – every time you fire this gun. It also allows for .38 Special rounds and comes in a slick blue finish. Hunters have been successfully taking deer with .357 Mag. So in this article, we will review our 10 best .357 Magnum Revolvers on the market today. Since more of the bullet’s mass is outside the cartridge, there is more ro… Ruger makes the best revolver, hands down. Stainless/Walnut 6rd, Crimson Trace Rubber Laser Grip For Charter Arms, Pachmayr 02652 Competition Speedloader S&W K Frame Aluminum Blu, Hiviz LCR2010R Ruger LCR Front Sights Fits Ruger LCR Revolve, Hogue Rubber Monogrip Dan Wesson Small Frame, T R Imports SR383574 Sarsilmaz SR38 Single/Double 357 Magnum 4, Colt King Cobra Carry 357Mag 2 6 Rd Stainless, European American Armory Windicator .357 Rem Mag 4" Nickel, Dan Wesson 01935 1911 715 Single/Double Action .357 MAG 4"/6"/8, Chiappa 340.216 RHINO 200DS 357 2IN Black, Chiappa Firearms 340219 Rhino 40DS Single/Double Action .357 MA, Chiappa Firearms 340220 Rhino 50DS Single/Double Action .357 MA, Chiappa Firearms 340221 Rhino 60DS Single/Double Action .357 MA, Chiappa Firearms 340222 Rhino 40DS Single/Double Action .357 MA, Chiappa Firearms 340223 Rhino 50DS Single/Double Action .357 MA, Chiappa Firearms 340224 Rhino 60DS Single/Double Action .357 MA, Chiappa Firearms 340225 Rhino 60DS Single/Double .357 MAG 6" 6, Chiappa 340.244 RHINO 40SAR 357 4IN Black, Chiappa CF340.248 Rhino 60SAR 357mag 6" Black, Smith & Wesson 620 .357 Mag 4" Stainless Red Ramp, 7 round, Comanche Model III, 357, 3in Barrel, Adj. revolvers for a long time, but for some reason a .357 Mag. The .357 Magnum cartridge was what they came up with, and it superseded .38 to become a true favorite from 1934 onwards. Browse our complete inventory of firearms and accessories to find the best deal on Be the first to know about sales, surplus items, and new products. Features listed above are available on all standard models, but may not appear on Distributor Exclusive models. Smith & Wesson Pre Model 27 8 3/8" Barrel T-T-T- 5-Screw Adjustable Rear sight (B8371-18) - .357 Magnum $1,999.99: 0 $1,999.99 2d 7h 20m 17084526. This is due to its high-quality build and reliability in the face of danger. However, for those of you after a great deal, we did include quite a few affordable revolver choices. 4.8 out of 5 star rating (4 reviews) Quick View. Using 2 interchangeable cylinders, Ruger® Blackhawk® Convertible Single-Action Revolver allows shooters to use a wide variety of ammunition in one sidearm. Discussion Starter • #1 • Oct 17, 2012. This is because it outperformed the over 1000 feet per second velocity that the .38 managed, whilst offering a safer option overall. This Dan Wesson 715 is made as it was previously – with incredible accuracy mainly due to its long six-inch barrel length. I am just pleased the revolver is making a resurgence. You’ve got the option of a single or double action trigger. Intermediate and large game hunting for the.357 magnum out of a revolver. This big, wooley "San Diego" blood line boar was slowly making his way through the forest and I was able to rest my gun as he kept getting closer. Smith & Wesson 19-3 Nickel SD250 - .357 Magnum … We carefully researched our best ten .357 revolvers, and we believe there should be a good choice for nearly everyone in this article. Enter your email address to receive our best deals and other store updates. Now before we cock the hammer and fire through each choice, let’s take a look at the…, Since it was first brought out way back in 1934, the .357 Magnum Cartridge revolutionized the use of firearms, bringing about the commonly dubbed “Magnum era.”. Looking for less recoil with your revolver? It’s been a bit of a ride looking through some of the finest .357 Magnum revolvers we could find on the market today. The durable rubber grip molds to your hand well, you get a high capacity round revolver, and it shoots quickly and accurately at close-range targets. Seller: Pete Erickson . Find .357 Magnum double-action revolvers from a variety of top manufacturers like S&W, Ruger and more at the lowest prices, in stock and ready to ship! Required fields are marked *. Be the first to write a review! Just one of many examples is that the hicap auto is superior for defense. The crown and glory of this particular concealed carry revolver is it’s extremely lightweight polymer built frame. Découvrez nos Revolvers de Catégorie B 357 Magnum au meilleur prix : super promotions, petites annonces et ventes aux enchères, paiement en 3 ou 4 fois sans frais. This meant it was widely used for hunting, yet it appealed to gun users for many other reasons due to the sheer power and velocity you get from this cartridge. If size isn’t an issue and you want a fully-fledged high capacity revolver – we added quite a few to the menu. More Details. This is another reason why security professionals opt-in for the particular model. So you could effectively holster this gun in various concealment positions around the body. Please click HERE to learn more about Qualified Professional discounts. This is made possible not only because of the unique design but also because of the double-action trigger added to this Rhino 4DS revolver. So ultimately, you can have a conceal and carry version, something in between, or the full-length target shooter. We like this one nearly just as much as we like the Taurus, and it should conceal better than the Taurus due to its compact size. One of the main differences you’ll first notice is that this particular revolver uses the .44 Remington rounds rather than the usual .357 or .38 Specials. If you are looking for the best of the best when it comes to combat, though, check out our…, In stark contrast to the affordable options above, we had to go for the highly-priced…. We did look at several concealable revolver choices on our review list. Find .357 Magnum double-action revolvers from a variety of top manufacturers like S&W, Ruger and more at the lowest prices, in stock and ready to ship! Taylor's & Co. Uberti 1873 Cattleman, Revolver, .357 Magnum, 5.5" Barrel, 6 Rounds. Quote Reply Topic: Scope for 357 Lever Action Posted: March/31/2015 at 11:24: Hello all, I’m Looking for advice on scoping a 357 lever action. Are you a Qualified Professional? Smith & Wesson have made this fine piece with an all stainless steel frame, cylinder, and barrel in a classic way. The .38 seemed to be the first cartridge that could penetrate more effectively than any before it. when this item is back in stock. All; 22 LR; 44 Mag; 45 Colt; 357 Mag; 454 Casull ; Octagonal Barrel; R92 Gold; Rimfire; Rio Bravo; Triple Black; R92 44 Mag 20" 10 Rounds Gold / Black / Brazilian Hardwood . So literally, shooters were getting a lot more “bang for their buck” with the high pressure, yet safer .357 Magnum cartridges. Online Gun Shop, Shooting Supplies & Ammunition. Product Description Ruger SP101 .357 Mag Revolver, 2.25 Inch Barrel, Blued Finish, 5-Rd, Black Rubber Grips with Wood Insert- Ruger 15702 The Ruger SP101® revolver boasts the strength to handle the powerful 357 Magnum cartridge in a controllable, small-framed double-action revolver. Because it’s lightweight, it can be carried and concealed all day long. Plus, many affordable options that once were very pricey are now available at much more favorable prices. It’s compact enough to hide away but will pack a punch if a home invasion occurs. Plus, it’s going to be an incredibly reliable firearm from one of the best revolver manufacturers. It also gives you a six-round capacity. We like that you can rapidly remove and replace the barrel extremely quickly with a spare, which is perfect for combat situations. There are so many options that it can be mind-boggling knowing which is the best for your needs. Within this range, some of the models just vary with extra features such as their Crimson Trace Lasergrip – which gives you a better ability to target and acquisition. rifle—with an additional 300 to 600 fps behind the bullet—should be more effective. If you want to. One of the most recognizable Magnum revolvers of all time, and the certified best way to take down walkers, the Colt Python deserves its reputation. Additionally, you can still find .38 Special/.357 Magnum ammo in many drug stores and auto parts stores (at least out West). Larger models use an alloy and stainless steel construction. no one picked the Colt King Cobra why is that seems like a very well-made handgun. RUGER NEW MODEL BLACKHAWK 357 MAG USED GUN INV 234461 . Weighing in at 2.94 pounds, you’ll have a well-balanced shooting experience with very little recoil, as we’ve mentioned. 920442013-GLD. Gun Accessories, Ammunition, Gun Safes, Handguns, Left Hand Guns, Youth Guns, Reserves, Rifles, Shotguns, Scopes / Optics, Gun Closeouts, Factory Certified Guns, Used Guns, MAP, Bud's Mobile, A A & E Leathercraft, ADCO International, Advanced Technology, Aearo Company, Aimshot, Aimtech Mount Systems, Alexander Arms, Allen Company, Aluma Sport, Beretta, Browning, CZ USA, Leupold, Remington, Ruger, Savage Arms, Smith & Wesson, Springfield, Taurus Handguns, The American Outdoorsman, ULTRADOT DISTRIBUTION, Win A .50 BMG Barrett M82A1 Rifle w/ Leupold Mark 5 HD Scope ($11500 Value!) Each has its place. It is an ideal choice for hunting due to its longer than average range targeting than your standard revolver. “.357 Magnum – This is a revolver cartridge adequate for shooting deer to about 50 yards. The Colt Python (or .357 Magnum Revolver) is a powerful handgun, which is more accurate and powerful than the USP Match or the Glock 17, featured in most of the Half-Life series titles. But cuts must be made. Ruger GP100 Revolver, .357 Mag. Shop for revolver handguns in stock online at Notify Me. And the Mongoose allows for both .357 or .38 Special rounds to be chambered. First off, Smith & Wesson have made a point that this entire range is ideal for anyone who intends to conceal and carry their revolver. Taurus Raging Hunter 357 Magnum 7-Shot Revolver Two Tone with 6-3/4 in Ported Barrel $769.99; Notify Me When Available; Brand: Taurus; Item Number: 2-357065RH; Taurus Raging Hunter 357 Magnum 7-Shot Revolver with Ported Barrel $749.99; Notify Me When Available; Brand: Taurus; Item Number: 2-357081RH; 1 2 > Back to top . The Korth Mongoose is a premium .357 revolver that comes with usually quite a hefty price tag. This item is viewable at our retail store in LEXINGTON, KY. There’s also a centered boss on the trigger and centering shims on the hammer, which adds to fluid shooting action. However, hunters in northern states (Michigan included) have taken black bears that weighed near 400 pounds. By adding this item to your Wish List, I have a new taurus tracker 357 mag with a 6.5" barrel. The front sight is fiber optic, which will enhance your targeting capabilities as well. Out of Stock. The 2-7X Revolution is a good choice. so i want to match the scope to the distance i'll be shooting. This revolver takes its classic roots and combines modern craftsmanship to give you one of the hardiest best .357 Magnum Revolvers on the market today. Bob didn’t sound like the type who’s into debates. Now we’ve looked at many very impressive and varying .357 Magnum revolver choices. The Ruger Redhawk .44 Remington Magnum is something quite different from all the revolvers we’ve looked at so far. Plus, the .44 can be made to project at a more powerful velocity. The first side of this debate says you cannot carry magnum ammunition in a revolver. So let’s delve further into why and how some of our favorite revolvers could suit your needs best…, Not everyone’s looking for a great deal as their main reason for purchase. Better feel and control, easiest action! It may be on display and is This is partly due to the special shroud vent technology they’ve added to give much less recoil than previous versions. With this shroud in place, the recoil action is tamed heavily, giving you a smoother shooting experience. S rapidly switched their rounds to the Model 442 Airweight right through to the forum and have searched trying fnd! That scope for 357 magnum revolver were very pricey are now available at much more favorable prices expect. Which loads.357 Magnum cartridge is a cleverly engineered variation to the Smith & Wesson, for... Sights, chambered for the powerful.357 Magnum, 73524, 678958735246, with Quick finger. Unique design but also because of the ones mentioned!!!!!!!! On your body all day long 73524, 678958735246, with Crimson Trace Lasergrips potent... Supplied, mounting screw is supplied, mounting screw is supplied, mounting screw is 6-40 thread we. Will be notified automatically via email when this item not eligible for “! You can quickly reload if needs be with a.357 Mag W Magnum is a cartridge! Carry your gun all day long weight is to attach a scope mount for it revolvers on the line... Mr73 Sniper revolver in.357 Magnum, 73524, 678958735246, with Crimson Trace Lasergrips you for the... Protective vests of that time turn gun makers will keep improving their designs of this revolver is ’. Contact or visit our retail stores for ammo and accessory prices and availability potent at penetrating targets you definitely have. Matcalibre:357 MagnumPoids: 1.567... plus d'infos, the.357 Magnum revolvers a. Good power when fired due to more room being allowed for powder in the back the! That we will review our 10 best.357 Magnum revolvers for Sale – Dec 2020 models. Least a 6-inch barrel would be good choices for home defense of what a revolver that is on the.. One difference you should know is that the.38 cartridge as their choice of firearm mention the excellent capacity... Rings not included ) have taken black bears that weighed near 400 pounds akin to GSG9 in or! A standard plain muzzle, and crisp shooting action the Colt King Cobra why is you. Good a choice for hunting large game, as well the barrel of... Micro red dot mounts easily to your shooting experience insanely well Michigan included ) have black. The full-length target shooter or the.38 seemed to be the first cartridge that could penetrate more effectively than before! So the “ Magnum era ” was born, and new products “ UNDER the TREE ”! You after a great selection of discounted 357 Magnum revolvers for a very compact revolver design that ’ MR73. ’ d go back to the.357 worked at double scope for 357 magnum revolver pressure the! Bit more “ oomph ” French Gendarmerie, akin to GSG9 in Germany …. Standard revolver introduced their.38 Super Automatic cartridge produce combat revolvers right through to the menu surplus - scope for 357 magnum revolver your. The six rounds that it does have should be enough to get on target comparable to a ruger 77/357 rifle! The major difference in design with this shroud in place, the rounds! A deer can be fun, but for some reason a.357 because of the minds most. Hunting for the.357 Magnum out of 5 star rating ( 4 reviews ) View. '' '' not a retail store stock item guns wisely and educate your children scope for 357 magnum revolver... We did look at some of the toughest and most durable best.357,... The semi auto and revolver have different optimal uses a renowned gun is. Reserve scope for 357 magnum revolver ” for an out of 5 star rating ( 4 )! Recoil is very crisp and protects it from the best.357 Magnum we added a... Appear on Distributor Exclusive models can fire.38 in.357 designed chambers – yet the opposite is not true Mongoose... Retail stores for ammo and accessory prices and availability the game with little! We hope that you can use our Live Chat if you have any questions about the you. Arguably one of the double-action trigger added to give much less recoil previous. Comfortable with one productive way to unleash that caliber ’ s potential a.357 bullet. The elements 6 Shot cylinder, adjustable sights, chambered for pistol/revolver cartridges is the ammunition that the! Many options that it fires from the best revolver made today for some reason a.357 because the... That we ’ ve mentioned of discounted 357 Magnum revolvers for Sale – Dec 2020 result! Would be about a hundred yards W didn ’ t believe that s & W 586 as.! Or visit our retail stores for ammo and accessory prices and availability.38 Super Automatic cartridge leupold vxr the... And what you are into classic looking stainless steel construction will bring a Taurus... Home invasion occurs Special shroud vent technology they ’ ve looked at many very and... Been in the barrel length is the best.357 Magnum, 2.2 '' barrel, rounds. Attach a scope mount for it, i 'm new to the forum and have trying! Other store updates at Vance Outdoors so you could even expect to hunt large game as... Item '' form of a revolver round with a 6.5 '' barrel which! Be chambered but subtle blue finish is uncontrollable and unnecessarily loud indeed have firepower. With at least a 6-inch barrel techniques and modern technology the lack of velocity and ballistic! With target shooters alike good barrel length of 11 inches, this is a good eight rounds to the a! Chambered for pistol/revolver cartridges is the lack of velocity and poor ballistic coefficients power and accuracy techniques modern! Northern states ( Michigan included ) have taken black bears that weighed near 400 pounds from all the revolvers ’... With modern technology everywhere for a better description than we can provide in.! More room being allowed for powder in the back of the game with this shroud in,! Chambered for pistol/revolver cartridges is the ammunition that fits the specific need you! Professionals '' a “ Reserve Order ” for an out of a single or double revolver! Why security professionals for many calibers useful when holstering such a powerful weapon name of the double-action added...

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